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what are print rights floral flatlay featuring vintage camera

What Are Print Rights, and Why You Should Want Them

In the world of wedding planning, there are so many details to attend to, and so many new experiences to be had. One of the first things you’ll come to realize when you’re starting to reach out to potential vendors (like photographers, hiiiiiii!), is the fact that terms that an industry professional may be familiar […]

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makeup artists las vegas

Brides: Why Professional Hair and Makeup are Important

It’s your big day, and I get it, you want everything to be perfect. From the perfect photographer (eh hem hiiiiiiii!!!) to the most gorgeous location—your wedding day should be spectacular. And obviously you want to look your best, but why pay for something that you already know you can do, and do well? Here’s […]

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neon museum wedding photos bride and groom posing dramatically in front of sign

Las Vegas Photography Locations That You’ll Love

If you’re not familiar with Las Vegas, you may be thinking of cheesy wedding chapels where people get married via Elvis and a drive-thru, or maybe you think the Vegas Strip is the only location that offers unique wedding photos. Luckily, Las Vegas is about as eclectic as a city can get, and it has […]

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vegas strip wedding photos Bellagio fountains

Vegas Strip Wedding Photos | Devon and Rich | Las Vegas Wedding Photographers

Hello friends! February is the month of love – so of course, I’ve had some epic February elopements this year. I wanted to share one with you where we had an epic adventure on the Vegas strip! And what is more iconic than some amazing Vegas strip wedding photos? First of all, let me tell […]

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neon museum photo information married at museum

Neon Museum Wedding Photo Information

There are few locations in Vegas as recognizable as the Neon Museum.  Often referred to as the Boneyard, the Neon Museum is one of Vegas’ most iconic locations.  And for good reason too.  It houses some of the city’s most precious history, all in the form of neon signs.  Seriously, when you think of the […]

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valley of fire wedding photos couple posing near gorgeous cliff

Valley of Fire Wedding Photo Information

There are few locations around Las Vegas that rival the beauty of Valley of Fire.  Its no wonder that so many brides and grooms want to seal the deal in the Valley of Fire State Park.  The seriously glorious views of the park are an incredible backdrop for any wedding ceremony.  That being said, I’ve […]

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