My Services, & What to Expect When you Work with me

I pride myself on the service and experience I provide couples. I strive to create an exciting and adventurous time so that when you look at your photos, you remember the day and what was happening when the pictures were taken. Let me tell you a bit about what to expect when you decide to choose me as your wedding or elopement Photographer.

About The Business

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When you inquire with me through the contact form on this site, you'll be sent a questionnaire, followed by an email from me with a link to schedule a chat.

When you choose a day and time for our consultation, we'll sit down over video chat and discuss all the details of your big day. I answer all of your questions and begin to craft a tentative timeline for you.

Once we've discussed all details and crafted a tentative timeline for you and you're ready to move forward, I'll send over a customized proposal outlining your package, its price, contents, as well as contract and invoice.

Once all of the paperwork is squared away, you can sit back and relax. As your wedding or elopement date draws closer, I'll be in touch to help with any planning details, and to solidify all of the details of your day.

Need Location or Venue Information?

Venue Info

I had been speaking to Danette since I started planning our wedding and she was amazing [from] day one. So helpful and understanding of any questions I had, and super responsive. Planning a wedding from over seas and mainly via email could be difficult but

Danette always made it easy and seamless.

- Eden W.

Pricing & Package Information

Elopment Pricing Begins at:

Wedding Pricing Begins at:



- Between 1-3 Hours of Coverage
- Multiple Locations Available
- Location Permits Included
- High Resolution Image Downloads
- Print Rights
- Online Gallery
- Print Credit toward Professional Prints

- Minimum of 4 Hours of Coverage
- Custom Designed Heirloom Album
- Engagement Session
- High Resolution Image Downloads
- Print Rights
- Online Gallery
- Print Credit toward Professional Prints

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How far in advance should we book you for our wedding?

My booking policy is 1 month before your scheduled event date up to within 1 year of the date of inquiry, depending on availability.


How long will it take to see our pictures?

My turnaround time varies by season. Typically, you’ll be able to view your photos online about 1-3 weeks after your wedding or elopement date.


Will you provide transportation for us to our photo locations?

Nevada requires that a business have a specific transportation permit in order to legally, and safely, transport clients. Because my photography business does not deal with transportation specifically, my insurance will not allow me to transport any clients. Because of this, all clients must make their own transportation plans for photo sessions separately.


How many pictures will we get?

You can expect about 80 to 100 images per hour of photographing. But keep in mind this estimate varies depending on your wedding package, number of guests, venue type, and other factors like travel time between locations.


What time of day should we plan our ceremony?

The best time of day is about 2 hours before sunset. this is the time of day that us photographers refer to as "golden hour". It gives us the best lighting of the day, and allows for softer light throughout the evening. So late afternoon is always a good time for your ceremony.



What's your back-up plan if you can't photograph our wedding as planned?

In my 15 years of experience as a wedding photographer, I’ve never cancelled a booking. In the very rare event that I’m unable to photograph your wedding, I’ll make sure you’re covered by one of my colleagues or my contracted assistant. I’ll also provide you with a list of photographers from the many networking groups I’m in, so you can find the perfect replacement.


Do you have insurance?

I do! Just let me know if your venue requires a certificate of liability, and I’ll send that over to them.


How long have you been photographing weddings?

I photographed my first wedding in 2008 in Mississippi. My photography has changed quite a bit since then!


Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?

You’re certainly more than welcome to send over a list of specific shots you’d like me to take. I do, however, recommend that the list be small. Sticking to a shot list can actually hinder the creativity of the day and cause me to miss moments that are unique and genuine to you as a couple, and your wedding day.


Will you be submitting our wedding photos to online blogs or publications?

I love submitting weddings to magazines and blogs! There is a chance I will submit yours to be published. If this happens, you’ll most likely receive an email from the editor or writer in charge of the specific publication your photos will be appearing in to let you know about the publication and to gain a bit more info from you.


Do you also offer video services?

No, I prefer focusing on photography only, so you can get the best wedding pictures possible.


Can I have the raw, unedited photos you've taken at my wedding?

I do not provide access to RAW or unedited image files to clients. The reason for this is because the digital photography process is two-fold taking place both in camera, and afterward during the post-processing period. As an artist, I do not consider the image complete until it has gone through post-processing and therefore will not hand over an incomplete image to clients.


If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay? is there an additional Charge?

I can certainly stay longer if needed. There is an hourly A La Carte photography coverage fee of $400/per additional hour of coverage needed.


Do you shoot with film cameras or digital cameras?

I shoot with both! Depending on the session, location, time of day - I may be using film in addition to my digital camera. I always shoot digitally, and will shoot film as the situation allows! My film turn around is about 1 month after your photo session with me.


Do you work with assistants or other photographers?

Some packages offer additional photographers. You can always add an additional photographer on to your package a la carte.

Frequently Asked


What Makes Me Different + What I Strongly Consider To Be My

Core Values

What Makes Me Different + What I Strongly Consider To Be My

Core Values

I strive to provide an incredible experience for my couples.

I believe in marriage equality & inclusion for all.

I believe in the importance of connection & community.

I believe in providing a high quality end-result to my clients.

I want your wedding day to be one of the greatest days of your life. It is important to me that I provide an excellent experience so your day can be the best possible day EVER.

I believe human rights to be for all & regard inclusivity as a core value of my belief system.

The creative community can be a competitive place. I value community over competition & find the connections I've made with the creative community to be very important to me.

Your wedding photos will be one of your first family heirlooms. The importance of providing a quality product for you is paramount to me.

Hi There. I'm Danette

Meet The Girl Behind the camera. I'm the one that gets to stand behind the lens and capture your natural beauty. 

I've been shooting weddings since 2008. I've photographed over 2,000 weddings in 14 different states with couples from all over the world.

My work has been featured in Green Wedding Shoes, Popsugar, OneWed, WeddingWire, and Offbeat Bride.

I love writing content for photographers and I've written articles for Shoot and Share, FStoppers, and PhotoFocus.

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