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How to Get a Marriage License in Las Vegas

So you’re engaged and planning your wedding or elopement, and you’ve decided you want to get married in Sin City itself. Now you’re wondering how to get a marriage license in Las Vegas. If you’re not from Nevada, the idea of obtaining a marriage license from a location you aren’t from, and/or haven’t visited before, might seem intimidating. However, Clark County has you covered and makes obtaining a marriage license fast and easy, even if you’re visiting internationally. Here’s what you need to know.

A bride and groom enter the Marriage License Bureau in Las Vegas.

Applying Is Easy

You have two options when applying for a marriage license in Clark County.

1. Apply Online at https://www.clarkcountynv.gov/ and visit the Marriage License Requirements page. After applying, you’ll be able to pick up your marriage license a day or two before your wedding. Once you submit your application online, it will be in the Clark County system for 1 year. This way you don’t have to worry about having to wait till the last minute (and then forget) to apply for your marriage license before arriving in Las Vegas.


2. Apply in person at the Clark County Marriage License Bureau. Both parties must be present when applying in person, and both parties must fill out their own information.

There is no appointment necessary to pick up your marriage license. When you arrive at the Marriage License Bureau to pick up your marriage license, all you have left to do is sign your license and pay the marriage license fee of $102 (there is an extra fee in addition if paid with a credit card). Keep in mind that both parties must be present to pick up your marriage license.

If you’re a U.S. citizen and have been issued a Social Security number, you’ll be required to provide it in addition to a government-issued valid photo ID.

A bride and groom exit the Marriage License Bureau in Las Vegas after obtaining their marriage license.
No appointment is needed to pick up your marriage license.

What You’ll Need On Your Wedding Day

When you leave the Marriage License Bureau, they will hand you a white envelope with several pieces of paperwork. Bring the envelope and all of its contents with you on your wedding day. The minister or officiant will take the envelope and fill out any necessary paperwork with you. Your marriage license must not be out-of-state as most Las Vegas officiants and ministers are unable to accept any licenses that are not Clark County-issued.

You’ll also be required to provide a witness to sign your marriage license. If you don’t have anyone traveling with you, don’t worry, your photographer (hi!) can be your witness.

After Your Wedding Day

About 10 days after your wedding date, you’ll be able to order a certified copy of your marriage certificate ($20) for your personal records. If you need proof of marriage before the standard 10-day period, discuss this with your officiant on the day of your wedding. 

International Couples

For couples traveling to Las Vegas from another country, you’ll first want to check that your country recognizes a marriage within the United States. You’ll need to provide your passport when you arrive at the Marriage License Bureau to pick up your license.

Some countries require an Apostille. An Apostille is an official authentication of signature that verifies a state official’s signature. If required, an Apostille can be acquired from the Nevada Secretary of State website. Your officiant may be able to file for an Apostille for you (most times for an additional fee) and you can discuss an Apostille with your minister or officiant on the day of your wedding.

A view of the front of the Marriage License Bureau, from below the main sign looking up.
The Marriage License Bureau is located at 201 E. Clark Ave. in downtown Las Vegas.

Additional Marriage License Details

In Vegas’ fast-paced fashion that gives true meaning to the term “quickie-wedding”, Clark County does not require a waiting period for you to obtain a marriage license. And contrary to popular belief, what happens in Vegas DOES NOT stay in Vegas because marriage license records in Clark County are public documents and there is no option to make them sealed or confidential. 

And for anyone who may be divorced, you do not need to show your divorce decree in Clark County unless you want to keep your divorced surname. In that case, you will want to bring your divorce decree with you to show that you are authorized to use a name other than what is shown on your current and valid government-issued identification. If you are widowed, Clark County does not need to see a copy of a death certificate.

And lastly, some countries do not recognize a marriage in the United States as legal, so you’ll want to check with your local government before seeking to obtain a marriage license in Las Vegas, as some countries do have restrictions. If your heart is still set on a Vegas wedding, but you don’t qualify for a legal marriage, consider a non-legal commitment or vow renewal ceremony instead.

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