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August Wedding Colors For Your Desert Wedding or Elopement

The month of August has always been a favorite for weddings and celebrations. Summer is drawing to a close, and Autumn hasn’t quite presented itself, but cues from nature abound. August is a month of vacation, relaxation, and celebration. When you’re planning your wedding or elopement for the month of August, you have many color choices. Because of the summery vibe, you can play with brighter colors, or, you can help to usher in fall with deeper colors. The biggest consideration to keep in mind, however, is whatever color palette you choose, you should be taking cues from your wedding venue or location’s surroundings.

Nevada is eclectic when it comes to wedding locales and offers an entire plethora of inspiration for wedding colors. Don’t be afraid to embrace the vibrancy of Las Vegas or the pale pastels of the surrounding deserts. The bold colors of the pines in the Sierras or the deep blues of Lake Tahoe all stand as amazing and unique backdrops that you can draw inspiration from.

The Desert Palette

The desert is full of beautiful pastels mixed with vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. The surrounding mountains compliment all the warmth of the desert tones with cool blues, and violet touches. If you’re in an area with vibrant colors or surroundings, consider more muted tones. Beiges, browns, grays, and blues go a long way in complimenting vibrant reds and oranges.

Likewise, if you’re in an area or a venue with mostly neutral and muted tones, you can mix it up by going with bold reds, greens, or blues. Don’t be afraid to throw in some dynamic colors on your wedding day, particularly if you’re in a neutrally-colored location.

Below are some of the best August colors for your upcoming Wedding or Elopement

Navy, Olive, Orange, and Burgundy

A bride is surrounded by her bridesmaids who are all giggling together and dressed in vibrant blues, oranges, and burgandies.

Looking toward the end of August, and in anticipation for fall, these muted but bold colors can lend a vibrant feel to your wedding celebration. The colors complement each other without being too loud or overpowering. They strike a balance between Summer and Fall and help spaces feel warm and inviting. They’re perfect for high desert locations that may have surrounding mountains and pine trees.

Navy, Gold, Black, and White

A bride listens to her groom's vows as several bridesmaids dressed in navy look on.

If you want a more traditional look, consider these bold options. Black and white are classic options that will go with anything. Coupling with navy and gold accents will give a daring flare to a classic palette. Black may seem like an unwelcome choice at a celebratory event but pairs extremely well with other strong accents like gold and white. This is a wonderful palette choice for venues with strong architectural accents and also couples nicely with pastels or neutral areas.

Pale Pink, Black, and White

A couple pose against a black wall, dressed in black, pastel pink, and holding beers.

Do you want a less traditional look that is perfect for August? Don’t shy away from mixing bold colors like Black with softer tones like Pale Pink. This look is perfect for an edgy or adventurous city elopement, but will also go nicely in the bright colors of the desert. And if you love the idea of softer colors, you can always substitute black for a soft gray. And for all the grooms out there, don’t be afraid of rocking pink. 

Fuchsia, Eucalyptus, and Pastel Pink

A bride holes a colorful bouquet, accented with bright fuschia flowers.

If you’re still digging summer vibes, consider the bright and airy look. The desert is full of pale pinks, greens, and blues so you can’t go wrong emanating some of those hues. Add in a bold accent color like fuchsia, and your entire palette will pop.

Pale blue, Pastel Pink, Beige, Gray

a flat-lay image of a ring box surrounded by pale pink roses.

If you’re looking for ideas for the groom in your life, consider pale colors and pair them with a neutral color like gray or black. If one partner is going vibrant, compliment that with neutral and muted tones, or vice versa. 

Adding Vibrancy With Accessories

If you’re needing ideas as to how to add color to your day, other than what you’ll be wearing, consider your accessories. Colorful sunglasses, jackets, shoes, and jewelry can add splashes of color without having to commit to an entire outfit.

In addition, you can go bold with your floral arrangements and invitations. Floral arrangements add so much depth to a location. You can decorate an entire space with just florals and the room will be transformed.

If you’re eloping and don’t have a reception venue, your florals will still add an entire layer of color to your palette as a couple. Don’t skip out on florals, no matter how simple a wedding you may be planning. They go a long way.

flat-lay of a champagne bottle with glasses, a flask, old polaroids of Las Vegas, and blue silk.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

And lastly, if you have a wedding party, consider pairing them in opposites. If you and your spouse are vibrant, have your wedding party in neutral colors. Or have it the other way around. Don’t forget to consider your surroundings and florals when planning the attire of your wedding party. 

August is teeming with inspiration for a color palette. I can’t stress it enough, use the sights of your wedding location when considering color. Allow the details to clear a path to your perfect color palette, and your upcoming August wedding will pop, no matter the direction you choose to go with your colors.

bride and bridesmaids laughing with each other

And don’t forget to consult with your vendors. If you have a wedding planner or coordinator, you can always ask them for advice or suggestions on the direction of your color palette. Likewise, your floral and hair and makeup teams will be able to help you choose complimentary colors for your accessories and skin tone. You’re not in the planning process alone and always remember to utilize all the resources you have around you.

And like always, if you have any questions or need suggestions on your upcoming wedding in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, or Reno, you can reach out to me, your friendly neighborhood photographer, or any questions you may have!

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