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How to Build a Strong Photography Brand

I often speak about brand-building, what it means, and how important it is. Most creatives who are new to business tend to get the idea of having a brand confused with corporate brand names like Walmart, FedEx, or Starbucks. People even confuse the overall idea of having a brand with easily recognizable brand logos like […]

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discovering your why lay flat image of a desk

Discovering Your Why As A Photographer

Whenever I meet with someone new to discuss their business, and to help them figure out what their next step toward success needs to be, I always find myself coming back to one question.  “Do you know your ‘why’?”  Sometimes I feel like I sound like a broken record. Some of you may know that […]

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How To Achieve Post Processing Consistency

Life is a transformative process.  We, as humans, are constantly changing, improving, and growing – or at least we should be striving to do all of those things, right?  Insert well-known cliche saying here: “Its the journey that matters, not the destination.”  (I actually love that saying, because its totally true) As artists and entrepreneurs, […]

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methods of overcoming self doubt

5 Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt

You may or may not know that I’m an only child.  Growing up, I didn’t have any siblings who’d play with me, or chat with me, or show me what was cool and what wasn’t cool.  Since my parents only had me, and no other children, they filled that void with animals.  LOTS of animals.  […]

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a before and after image in lightroom of how to retouch images

Tutorial: How To Retouch Images In Lightroom

When you think of the word retouching, Photoshop is probably the first program you think of.  And retouching in Photoshop can often times be a super time consuming process.  Thats because Photoshop was designed to be a really powerful process intensive program able to provide you with the tools to manipulate a photo to your […]

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how to become a professional photographer showing client a photo preview

Photography vs. Business: Why Photographers Fail At Business

I remember when I received my very first DSLR.  It was Christmas, and my parents had gotten me a Canon Rebel XTI.  I thought it was the best camera that ever existed.  I remember taking my first few photos with it in my parents’ living room of my grandmother smiling.  Prior to that glorious Christmas […]

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Hi There. I'm Danette

Learn ABout Danette

Meet The Girl Behind the camera. I'm the one that gets to stand behind the lens and capture your natural beauty. 

I've been shooting weddings since 2008. I've photographed over 2,000 weddings in 14 different states with couples from all over the world.

My work has been feature in Green Wedding Shoes, Popsugar, OneWed, WeddingWire, and Offbeat Bride.

I love writing content for photographers and I've written articles for Shoot and Share, FStoppers, and PhotoFocus.